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Hackney 1860

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hackney]

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number of lunatic asylums in the district, and that the German
Hospital is of comparatively recent origin, I shall adhere to the
plan hitherto adopted. After deducting these deaths we ascertain
that 293 deaths of infants under I year old occurred in the district,
or 20.6 per cent.; 382 deaths, or 26.9 per cent., of persons above
1 year and under 20 years old ; 176 deaths, or 12.2 per cent., of
persons who were more than 20 but less than 40 years of age; 189,
or 13.3 per cent., of those who were above 40 but below 60 years ;
294, or 20.7 per cent., of those who had reached 60 but not 80
years of age ; whilst 89 or 6.3 per cent, died above 80 years of age.
These numbers give a mean age at death of 35.12 years. During
the years 1847-53 (before the Metropolis Local Management Act
came into operation) the mean age at death, in Hackney, was 34.0
We must next calculate the rate of death amongst the total
inhabitants of the district. We learn by the census return
that there were 83,188 persons residing in the district on April
the 1st 1861, so that there were probably 80,667 residing in it on
July 1st, 1860. Taking these numbers as our data, we find that
there were 100 deaths in each 5679 inhabitants, or 1 in each
56.79 residents. During the years 1847-53 the death-rate was
1 in each 51 .70 inhabitants.
Now as the expectancy of life lies between the mean age at
death, and the rate of death in the population, I have ascertained
it to be 45 years 11 months and 16| days, which is much higher
than for the whole of England.

As usual I present them in a classified list:—

Privies emptied, filled up, and drained into the Sewer264
Privies and Cesspools emptied115
Stable, Pig, Cow-dung, and other refuse removed207
, Premises repaired and limewashed182
Gulleys trapped, Roads clreansed &c6
Pigs removed, and Pigsties repaired and cleansed71
Choked Drains cleansed, repaired, and re-constructed256
Other nuisances172