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Hackney 1860

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hackney]

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during this quarter, thus in the corresponding quarters of 1857, 1858,
1859, and 1860, the numbers were (after correction for increase of
population) 107, 106, 81, and 121. The number of deaths from
suicide and violence was exceedingly large, no less than 20 having been
registered from these causes against 8 in 1857; 11 in 1858; and 9 in
1859; of these 2 were produced by burns—the result of wearing Crinoline;
6 from hanging; 3 from scalds; 1 from poison; 2 from intemperance;
2 from privation of food; and 3 from fractures and
contusions. Amongst the other groups of disease, 17 deaths resulted from
maladies having an uncertain seat; 74 from tubercular dieases; 68 from
affections of the brain; 18 from diseases of the abdominal organs; no
less than 15 from premature birth, and debility; and 8 from atrophy.
Three of those who died above 80 years old, attained the unusual
ages of 91, 92, and 101, and all three were widows. One man aged 63,
died from small-pox, although he was deeply marked by a prior attack.
It is very extraordinary that a former attack of small-pox, does not seem at the
present time to protect persons the same way as it did years ago. Whether
the disease is in its essence unusually active, or whether the altered
habits of life in the present generation have produced this result we
cannot tell, It may, perhaps, be that persons are watched more narrowly,
and that all exceptional cases are more generally known than
The number of Nuisances abated by Mr. VALENTINE have been as
Cesspools emptied filled up and drained into the sewer 52
Cesspools emptied 42
Horse, cow, pig, and vegetable refuse removed 33
Houses limewashed purified and repaired 23
Filthy places purified and cleansed 19
Pigsties repaired or removed 11
Foul and offensive drains cleansed and reconstructed 69
Other nuisances 11
The removal of these' Nuisances have required an unusual amount
of care and labour, as they included a large number of exceptional cases.
The number of persons required to attend before the board, was rather
above an average, viz., 16. These persons were required to attend in
consequence of neglect in carrying out the work necessary to abate the
nuisances; and 6 persons were summoned to Worship Street and Clerkenwell
Police Courts for continued neglect. The Magistrates ordered
the requisite works to be done in all the cases.
Of the 673 births, 34 were registered in Stoke Newington sub-district;
31 in Stamford Hill , 221 in West Hackney; 253 in Hackney,
and 133 in South Hackney sub-district. Of the 490 deaths, 27 were