London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Hackney 1860

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hackney]

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1 860—Births in each Sob . district.

Quarters.Stoke NewingtonStamford Hill.West Hackney.Hackney.South Hackney.Totals.
First .3431222253133673
Third .3828228259114667
Per Centages.Births .

From this table we learn, tbat the total number of births, registered
during 1860, was 2633 against 2570 in 1859, being an
increase of 63 or nearly 2 J per cent. By Table No. 3, we learn,
that there were only 1542 deaths registered against 2633 births,
so that there were added to the population no less than 1091
persons, without allowing for new residents. To each 100 deaths
there were 171 births ; whilst for the whole of London there were
only 150 births to each 100 deaths. Of the 2633 births, 152 or 5.8
per cent. were registered in Stoke Newington sub.district; 130 or
5 per cent. in Stamford Hill; 837 or 31.5 per cent. in West
Hackney ; 1013 or 38.6 per cent. in Hackney sub.district; and 501
or 19.1 per cent. in South Hackney sub.district.
The birth.rate of the various sub-districts has varied more
during this year than previously, as the following Table shows:—


1857 .60—B irth . rate in each Sub . district.

Years.Stoke NewingtonStamford Hill,West Hackney.Hackney.South Hackney.

Of the total number of deaths (1542) 97 or 63 per cent. were
registered in Stoke Newington; 79 or 5.l per cent. in Stamford
Hill; 417 or 27.0 per cent. in West Hackney; 686 or 44.5 per