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Hackney 1860

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hackney]

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The mortality of children under I year old was decidedly leas than
usual, as 69 deaths only occurred at that age out of the 382. There
were 110 deaths of persona above 1 and under 20 years of age; 52 of
persons above 20 but under 40 years; 54 between 40 and 60 years of
age: 76 between 60 and 80: and 21 above 80 years of age.
The nuisances removed by Mr. Valentine, partly from my directions,
may be classed as under;
Cesspools emptied filled up and drained into the sewer 42
Cesspools emptied 12
Horse, cow, pig, and vegetable refuse removed 55
Premises limewashed purified and repaired 137
Filthy places, private roads, &c., cleansed 12
Pigsties repaired and cleansed or removed 19
Foul and offensive drains cleansed or reconstructed 70
Other nuisances 1
Total 349
The temperature for the Quarter has been unusually low, occasionally,
indeed, lower than almost any other authentic record. During the month
of October the temperature was about I degree above the average of the
last 43 years, whilst in November it was 2½, and in December 4 degrees
below the average. On Christmas day the lowest temperature recorded
at the Town Hall was 5½ degrees, or 26½ degrees below freezing point,
and on December 29th it was 8 degrees or 24 below freezing point. The
highest temperature recorded at the Town Hall, was 54½ degrees and the
lowest 5½ affording a range of 49 degrees. At Hilston the range
during the quarter was 23° only, at Guernsey 25°, at Truro 29°, at
Ventnor 29°, at Scarbro' 30°, at St. Leonard's, Exeter, 30½o, at Fairlight
31°, and at Pembroke 31°. At Whitehall it was 40°, at Regent's
Park 42½°, Greenwich 46°, Hackney 49°. In the Midland and Northern
Counties the range was still greater, for at Manchester it was 56°,
at York 56°. and at Nottingham no less than 60°. The influence of
the sea in preventing severe cold in its immediate vicinity and
was therefore unusually marked. The rainfall was very large, 7.8
inches having been registered in the vicinity of the Town Hall.
I remain, Gentlemen,
Your obedient Servant,
February 1861,