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Hackney 1860

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hackney]

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very large amount of rain. In the month of April the mean temperature
was nearly 4° below the average, in May it was about 1° above the
average, whilst in June it was no less than 4%° below the average. The
highest temperature recorded at Hackney, was noted in May, viz.,
75°.6. The rain fall has not been so great as at Greenwich, but was
very greatly above the average; at Greenwich it amounted to 10.7°
'inches, at Hackney to 9°.9 inches. This difference was caused chiefly
by the less amount registered in June, when 5.1 inch fell in Hackney
against 5.8 at Greenwich. This amount however was nothing like so
large as in many other places, 9 inches having fallen at Southampton,
8.9 inches at Petersfield, 7.4 inches at Truro, and 6.2 inches at St.
John's Wood, whilst only 3.0 inches fell at North Shields, 2.9 inches at
Carlisle, and 1.8 inches at Scarborough. There has also been a most
unusual amount of wind, on several occasions a pressure of above 201bs.
to the square foot having been noted. The oscillations of the mercury
in the barometer were also unusually great.
Mr. Glaisher states that a thermometer placed on the grass indicated
night temperature below 30° in no less than 15 nights, and of 30° to
40° on 35 other nights, so that during one-third of the quarter, the
night temperature of the grass descended as low as 40°. On the 27th,
28th, and 29th of May, snow fell in several parts of the country.
I remain, Gentlemen,
Your obedient Servant,
August 1860.