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Plumstead 1895

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Plumstead]

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Abstract from Mortuary Register for 1895.

Date.Age.Sex.Inquest or No.Post Mortem or No.Cause of Death.
Jan. 13 th3 yearsMaleYesYesInflammation of brain.
„ 29th29 yearsMaleYesYesHemorrhage from lungs.
„ 29 th61 yearsFemaleYesYesFailure of the heart's action.
Feb. 7th36 yearsMaleYesYesAneurism of the aorta.
„ 11thFemaleNoNo
„ 23rd3 9/12 yearsMaleYesYesConvulsions.
Mar. 10th35 yearsMaleYesYesCommitted suicide by taking oxalic acid.
„ 12th7 monthsFemaleYesYesCongestion of Lungs.
April 15th10 monthsFemaleYesYesConvulsions.
„ 26th36 yearsMaleYesYesApoplexy.
May 13th6 weeksFemaleNoNo
„ 20th35 yearsFemaleYesYesSuffocated by the fumes from bricks.
„ 20 th61 yearsMaleYesNoCommitted suicide whilst temporarily insane.
June 3rd3 monthsFemaleYesYesSuffocation.
„ 3rd4 weeksMaleYesYesSuffocation.
„ 6th56 yearsFemaleNoNoTyphoid fever.
„ 6th7 yearsFemaleNoNoTyphoid fever.
July 13 th6 weeksMaleYesYesSuffocation.
„ 13thMaleYesYes
„ 15 th29 yearsMaleYesYesAsthenia from Purpura Hemorrhagica.
Aug. 18th20 yearsMaleYesCommitted suicide during temporary insanity.
„ 18th32 yearsMaleYesYesCommitted suicide by taking carbolic acid.
Sept. 2nd11 monthsFemaleYesYesPneumonia and convulsions.
„ 11th52 yearsMaleYesYesHeart disease.
Oct. l6th20 yearsMaleYesYesPressure upon the heart from over distention of the stomach, caused by the deceased having eaten about 2½-lbs. of raw apples which were found in stomach.
Nov. 14th61 yearsMaleYesNoAccidental death.
„ 15th26 yearsFemaleYesYesMisadventure.
Dec. 3rd54 yearsMaleYesYesHeart disease.
„ 4th31 yearsFemaleYesYesPuerperal Eclampsia:
„ 23rd59 yearsMaleYesYesPneumonia accelerated by alcoholism.
„ 27th66 yearsMaleYesNoSuffocation.
„ 27 th65 yearsFemaleYesNoFrom burns, the origin of of which there was no evidence to show.
„ 30 th45 yearsFemaleYesYesSyncope.
„ 30th6 yearsFemaleNoNoDiphtheria.
„ 30 th12½ yearsMaleYesNoFound drowned
„ 31st4 yearsFemaleNoNoDiphtheria.
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