London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Plumstead 1895

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Plumstead]

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(See Tables I., II. and VI.)
2. The birth-rate was the lowest since 1885, and for the
first time was lower than the average for London. The actual
number of births in the year was the lowest since 1889.
There were 468 births in West Plumstead, and 1398 in East
Plumstead. This gives birth-rates of 25 and 32 respectively.
(See Tables I., II., and VI.)
3. The death-rate, corrected for Public Institutions, was
15-1. With the exception of 1894, this is the lowest rate
since 1889.


Deaths from Influenza09412735717
,, Bronchitis and Pneumonia93136207170204124166
„ Phthisis69951141001117096
Total Deaths—all causes (corrected)759923920849994736930
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Table A shows the effect that Influenza has had on the
death-rate in recent years. The years when Influenza has
been prevalent have been years of high death-rate, and
vice versa. In the first quarter of last year, we experienced
the fifth epidemic of Influenza, and it is this that was the chief
cause of the increase of the death-rate over 1894. The warm
summer and the resulting Diarrhœa, and the Typhoid
epidemic, were the other special factors in last year's

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