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City of London 1957

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Port of London]

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The scheme has received the official sanction of the Ministry of Housing and Local Government
and I am indebted to Mr. T.B. Hill, M.I.C.E., M.I.Mun.E., A.M.I.W.E., Borough Engineer for
the following details of the proposed scheme:—
"Since 1934 primary sludge accumulating at the Southend-on-Sea Corporation Works at
Prittlewell has been disposed of by pumping to land owned by the Corporation at Barling.
On the Barling site, the sludge is run into trenches and the supernatant water drains off to a
pond and, following chlorination, then enters the River Roach.
"It has recently been ascertained that the system which has been operating in the past
has not been entirely satisfactory and on occasions there have been signs of unsatisfactory
material reaching the river.
"The Council have now resolved to construct a Pumping Station at Barling and to lay a
line of some 4 miles of 8" diameter cast iron pipes in order to return the sludge liquor to
the main Works at Prittlewell, where it will then be subjected to primary settlement before
being discharged to the Thames through the 60" outfall pipe from the Prittlewell Works.
"The capacity of the pumping plant at Barling will be arranged so that all flows less than
7.2 x the dry weather flow of pumped sludge to Barling will be returned to the works. Any
excess of sludge liquor over this figure will be chlorinated for a period of 1 hour in the
existing tanks before reaching the River Roach.
"It is anticipated that only on very infrequent occasions in times of exceptional storms
will any run-off from the Barling Sludge Farm enter the River Roach."
1. List of Medical Inspectors of Aliens holding warrants of appointment on 31st December, 1957.
Dr. J. Greenwood Wilson, Dr. H.M. Willoughby, Dr. J.A. Jones, Dr. R.G. Newberry,
Dr. M.J. Catton, Dr. J.E.H. Lahaise
2. l ist of other staff engaged on the work.
Clerical staff at the Central Office.
3. Organisation of the work.
All vessels carrying aliens are intercepted on arrival at Gravesend and the aliens are examined
by the Medical Inspector of Aliens who is, in fact, the Boarding Medical Officer on Duty.
Complete liaison exists between the Port Medical Staff and the Immigration Staff at Gravesend
and should any doubtful cases arrive, the Medical Inspector is immediately communicated with by
telephone and an opinion given.
4. Nature and amount of alien traffic.
(a) Total number of arriving vessels carrying aliens 2,217
(b) Total number of aliens (excluding transmigrants, seamen and airmen)
(i) Arriving at the port 25,674
(ii) Medically inspected 15,698
(iii) Medically examined 106
(c) Certificates issued Nil
(d) Transmigrants landed and medically inspected Nil
5. Accommodation for medical inspection and examination is provided on Tilbury Landing
Stage, though in practice, the majority of aliens are inspected in the ship on arrival and any
necessary chaperonage is provided by nursing sisters or stewardesses borne in the ship.
Arrangements for the burial on shore of persons who have died on board ship from infectious
disease. No change.

The following is a summary showing the method of disposal of the foodstuffs seized:—

Method of disposalWeightWeight (1956)
Tonscwts. qrs.lbs.Tonscwts.grs.lbs.
Boiling down2291832325013110
Animal feeding787252810013
Other districts1115336091805
Industrial purposes5016319446012