London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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City of London 1925

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Port of London]

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Fumigation of Vessels for the Destruction of Rats— continued.

Date Fumigated. 1925.Name of Vessel.Necessity for Fumigation.Action taken.No. of Rats Reported found dear after Fumigation.
ss. "Boscan," Manchester, 135,363.Rat InfestedTo be fumigated after discharge of cargo in Antwerp.
July 17ss. "Hobson's Bay," Melbourne, 151,802.Australian Regulations.Fumigated with Sulphur Dioxide.Not known.
„ 18ss. "Argyllshire," Glasgow, 129,581.»Not known.
„ 23ss. "Bawtry "Canadian Regulations.27
ss. "Gaboon," Liverpool, 137,434.Rat infestedNot known.
„ 31ss. "Sophocles," Aberdeen, 144,805.Australian Regulations.Nil.
Aug. 4ss. "Largs Bay," Adelaide, 137,225.Fumigated with Hydrocyanic Acid Gas and Sulphur Dioxide.6
„ 8ss. "Berrima," Greenock, 135,332.Fumigated with Sulphur Dioxide.98
„ 12ss. "Rotorua," London, 132,607.American Regulations.Fumigated with Hydrocyanic Acid Gas.Not known.
„ 12ss. "Tongariro,"AmericanFumigated withNot known.
Plymouth, 146,002. ss. "Loval Devonian," Cardiff, 132,608.Regulations. Rat infestedSulphur Dioxide. To be fumigated in Newport (Mon.).
„ 22ss. "Benalla," Greenock, 135,322.Australian Regulations.Fumigated with Sulphur Dioxide.156
„ 26ss. "Verentia," London, 142,429.American Regulations.Nil.
„ 27ss. "Esperence Bay," Fremantle, 140,148.Australian Regulations.Not known.
„ 29ss. "Hertford," London, 144,656.American Regulations.Nil.
„ 29ss. "Diogenes," Aberdeen, 144,814.Australian Regulations.Not known.
Sept. 4ss. "Maid of Syra," London, 143,157.Rat infested67
ss. "Bazan," of London.To be fumigated in Antwerp.-
„ 5ss. "Baradine," Belfast, 145,419.Australian Regulations.Fumigated with Sulphur Dioxide.13
„ 5ss. "Vardulia," Liverpool, 137,835.American Regulations.88
-ss. "Ariadne Alexandra," London, 102,799.Rat infested and Verminous.To be fumigated in Blyth.
„ 8ss. "Bulgarian," London, 143,434.Owner's request.Fumigated with Sulphur Dioxide.130
„ 12ss. "Tekoa," London, 145,994.American Regulations.Nil.
„ 14ss. "Moreton Bay," Brisbane, 130,169.Australian Regulations.39
„ 15ss. "Clan Lamont," Glasgow, 111,280.Rat infestedNot known.
„ 16ss. "Demosthenes," Aberdeen, 129,362.Australian Regulations.86
„ 17ss. "Meriones," Liverpool, 145,974.Owner's request.Not known.
„ 19ss. "Vasconia," Liverpool, 141,885.American Regulations.Nil.
„ 22ss. "Valacia," Liverpool, 129,524.42
„ 22ss. "London Exchange," London, 145,884.30
„ 22ss. "Verbania," Liverpool, 141,875.50 mice.
„ 26ss. "Vellavia," Liverpool, 124,434.Nil.
„ 26ss. "Menominee," Glasgow, 108,688.492