London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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City of London 1925

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Port of London]

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TABLE XXVIII.—Fumigation of Vessels for the Destruction of Rats.

Date Fumigated. 1925.Name of Vessel.Necessity for Fumigation.Action taken.No. of Rats reported found dead after Fumigation.
Jan. 1ss. "American Transport"Ratty ShipFumigated with Sulphur Dioxide.51
„ 3ss. "Andania"American Regulations.27
„ 9ss. " Ravensworth"Ratty StoreroomNot known.
„ 14ss. "Atlanticos"Recently Plague Infected.Nil.
ss. "Carnia"Grain ShipVessel sailed for Italy.
ss. "Karmala"Excessive Rattiness during voyage.Vessel sailed for Antwerp.
„ 23ss. "Kaikoura"American Regulations.Fumigated with Sulphur Dioxide.Not known.
„ 24ss. "Mantua"Rat Destruction.Fumigated with Hydrocyanic Acid Gas.67
„ 27ss. "Manchester Spinner"Rat destructionFumigated with Sulphur Dioxide.51
„ 31ss. "Verentia"American Regulations.17
Feb. 12ss. "Grelstone"Rat destructionNot known.
„ 13ss. "City of Corinth"American Regulations.Nil.
-ss. "Elswick Park"Rat infestedAllowed to proceed to the Tyne.
-ss. "Boyne"Allowed to proceed to Middlesboro.
„ 20ss. "Rhode Island,"AmericanFumigated withNil.
„ 22Liverpool, 140,568. ss. "Hertford," London, 144,656.Regulations.Sulphur Dioxide.Nil.
„ 23ss. "London Exchange," London, 145,884.Nil.
„ 25ss. "Crawford Castle," London, 129,150.Not known.
„ 28ss. "Ioannes " ofRat infestedNot known.
Mar. 1Argostali, Greece, ss. "Ruahine," Plymouth, 124,582.American31
„ 3ss. "Cumberland," London, 145,052.Regulations.Nil.
„ 7ss. "Dromore," Liverpool, 143,691.Not known.
„ 7Ss. "Vasconia," Liverpool, 141,885.Nil.
„ 14ss. "Nankin," Greenock, 131,857.Rat infestedFumigated with102
Greenock, 131,857.Storeroom.Hydrocyanic Acid Gas.
„ 14ss. "Siamese Prince," Newcastle, 129,776.Rat infestedFumigated with Sulphur Dioxide.151
-ss. "Belltown "Rat infested Storeroom.To be fumigated in Bristol Channel.
„ 18ss. "Norfolk,"AmericanFumigated withNil.
„ 22London, 144,675. ss. "Masula,"Regulations. At owner'sSulphur Dioxide. Fumigated with15
Glasgow, 141,904.request.Hydrocyanic Acid Gas.
,, 26ss. "Egyptian,"Rat infestedFumigated withNot known.
Liverpool, 143,646. ss. "Maresfield," London, 129,079.Sulphur Dioxide. To be fumigated in Bristol Channel.
„ 30ss. "Minnewaska,"AmericanFumigated with9
„ 31Belfast, 145,433. ss. "North-Western Miller,"Regulations.Sulphur Dioxide.40
„ 31Liverpool, 137,431. ss. "Antigone," London, 123,694.Rat infested.To be fumigated in Newport (Mon.)Not known.