London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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City of London 1924

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Port of London]

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TABLE XXII.—M iscellaneous D iseases.

Aneurism of Aorta2 C., 1 died.Brought forward171
Anaemia3C.,1 died.
Hodgkin's Disease1 P., died.
Anthrax1 Dk. worker.
Heat Stroke3 C., 2 died.
Apoplexy1 P., died.
Hepatitis1 C.
Appendicitis5 C.
Impetigo1 P.
Abscess3 C.
Intestinal Obstruction1 C.
Beri-Beri9 C., 3 died.
Inguinal Adenitis1
Bronchitis and Bronchial
Jaundice1 C.
Catarrh5 C.Meningitis2 1 P. died.
Boils2 C.
Mumps5 P.
Cerebral Embolism1 P., died.
Morbus Cordis2 C.
Congestion of Lungs2 C.
Malignant Endocarditis1 C.
Cerebral Haemorrhage1 C., died.
Nerves1 C.
Constipation1 C.
Colitis3 1C,2 P.
Cerebral Tumour1 P., died.
Nephritis3 1 P. died.
Cancer1 P.
Old Age1
Carbuncle1 c.
Dengue90 1 P. died.
1 C. died.Pertussis1
52 on one ship ; 15 on another.Pleural Effusion1
Sprue1 P.
Diarrhoea3 C.
Septic Adenitis1 C.
Delirium Tremens1 C.
Senile Decay5 Pilgrims, all died.
Drowning1 P.
Ear Disease1 P.
Skin Rash1
Enlarged Glands1
Seven-day Fever5 C.
Febricula4 C.
Septic Throat1
Gastro Enteritis1 P.
Scabies1 C.
Gallstones1 C.
Scalded Foot1 C.
Gastric Ulcer1 C., died.
Tonsillitis3 2C,1 P.
Gastritis16 12 P., 4 C.
Three-day Fever24 C & P. On one ship.
Gonorrhoeal Rheumatism1 C.
Hernia2 C.
Whooping Cough4 P.
Heart Disease6 C., 1 died.
Carried forward171Total256

Note.—C. =Crew ; P.=Passenger.
In view of a certain amount of " slackness " in the declaration of cases of
illness (infectious or otherwise) which occurred on vessels during the voyage, your
Medical Officer caused the following circular letter and " Notice to Masters and
Officers in Charge of Vessels " to be sent to Shipping Companies trading with the
Port of London :—
I have to bring to your attention the extreme importance of the medical inspection of
ships entering the Port of London, and would ask that the facilities afforded for expedition
by the Port of London Sanitary Authority, which are equal, I believe, to those of any Port
in the world, be met by your masters, surgeons and pilots with as utter facilitation of the
work of Medical Officers at Gravesend as is possible ; especially the arriving ship should have
such time at her disposal on reaching Gravesend that the work of the Medical Officer in the
examination of the state of the ship with regard to illnesses which have occurred during the
voyage, may be thoroughly carried out.
In cases where a few minutes may make all the difference between orderly examination
and satisfactory information, or otherwise, the master of the incoming ship should not
expect the benefit of these few minutes at the expense of a thorough medical examination,
but should give every facility, including sufficient time for this, free from hurry as to saving
tides or other bustle attendant on arrival.
The medical inspection must be met as one which requires fuller time than that sometimes
allotted to it.
Your obedient servant,
(Signed) W. M. WILLOUGHBY,
Medical Officer of Health,
Port of London.