London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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City of London 1924

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Port of London]

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TABLE XIX.—D ysentery.

Date.Name of Vessel, Port of Registry and Official No.Where from.No.of Cases.How dealt with.
Jan. 4ss. " Eurylochus," Liverpool, 131,424.ManilalTo Royal Albert Dock Hospital.
„ 19ss. " Devanha," Greenock, 117,400.KobelLanded at Marseilles.
Feb. 4ss. " Gitano," Hull, 144,082.AlexandrialAdmitted to Seamen's Hospital, Greenwich.
„ 11ss. " Highland Glen," London, 129,139.Buenos AireslLanded at Las Palmas.
Mar. 25ss. " Sandon Hall," Liverpool, 143,734.KobelLanded at Penang.
Apl. 30ss. " Devanha," Greenock, 127,543.BombaylProceeded home.
July 23ss. " Kandahar," N. Shields, 133,318.MadraslWell on arrival.
Sept. 6ss. " Manipur," Liverpool, 143,661.CalcuttalLanded Colombo.
„ 24ss. " City of Poona "Landed Calcutta.
Oct. 17ss. " Atreus," Liverpool, 131,322.Hong KonglWell on arrival.
„ 23ss. " Kaisar-I Hind," Greenock, 128,653.KobeAdmitted to Seamen's Hospital, Greenwich.
„ 28ss. " Grane," Bergen.CasablancalWell on arrival.
Nov. 10ss. " Rhesus," Liverpool, 131,363.ManilalLanded Colombo.
„ 11ss. " Clan Macneil," Glasgow, 146,281.Bombay2 cases landed Cochin. 1 died.
„ 20ss. " Osterley," Glasgow, 128,287.BrisbanelPut on board at Colombo free from infection.
„ 25ss. " Clan Keith," Glasgow, 136,654.ChittagonglWell on arrival.
Dec. 12ss. " Naldera," Greenock, 142,257.BombaylProceeded home, convalescent.
„ 23ss. " City of Winchester," Liverpool, 140,546.SydneylAdmitted to Tilbury Hospital.

TABLE XX.—C hickenpox.

DateName of Vessel, Port of Registry and Official No.Where from.No. of Cases.How dealt with
Mar. 7ss. " Mardinian," Liverpool, 140,644.AntwerplAdmitted to Poplar Hospital.
„ 27ss. " Osterley," Glasgow, 128,287.BrisbanelConvalescent on arrival.
Apl. 16ss. " Kaisar-I-Hind," Greenock, 128,653.BombaylAdmitted to Port Sanitary Hospital.
„ 17ss. " Modasa," Glasgow, 146,272.Calcutta„ „
„ 21ss. " London Commerce," London, 146,693.New Yorkl„ „
„ 24ss. " Nevasa," Glasgow, 133,102.CalcuttalLanded at Madras.
„ 29ss. " Manela," Glasgow, 144,250.KarachilLanded at Bombay.
May 10ss. " Herefordshire," Liverpool, 120,903.Rangoon2Landed at Rangoon.
Tune 3ss. " Ausonia," Liverpool, 145,970.MontreallWell on arrival.
July 22ss. " Nantucket," U.S.A.Rouen1Removed to Joyce Green Hospital.
Aug. 1ss. " Osterley," Glasgow, 128,287.BrisbanelLanded at Plymouth.
„ 1ss. " Neuralia," Glasgow, 133,081.Calcutta1411 to Port Sanitary Hospital. 3 isolated on shore.
„ 8ss. " Borda," Greenock, 135,340.Sydney1Convalescent on arrival.
Carried forward29