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City of London 1924

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Port of London]

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Malaria— continued.

Date.Name of Vessel, Port of Registry and Official No.Where from.No. of Cases.How dealt with.
1924.Brought forward163
Nov. 13ss. " Caledonia," Greenock, 102,390.Bombay4Well on arrival.
„ 15ss. " Portgwarra," Cardiff, 139,625.Bahia Blanca1To Seamen's Hospital, Greenwich.
„ 16ss. " Alcinous," Liverpool, 110,636.Java1Well on arrival.
„ 25ss. " Patroclus," Liverpool, 147,218.Chingwangtao1Mild recurrent attack.
„ 26ss. " Morvada," Glasgow, 136,319.Bombay16Well on arrival.
Dec. 2ss. " Kyno," Hull.Alexandria1Landed Liverpool.
„ 3ss. " Laertes," Amsterdam.Macassar2Well on arrival.
„ 9ss. " Kashgar," Greenock, 128,654.Yokohama6
„ 12ss. " Naldera," Greenock, 142,257.Bombay1
„ 12ss. " Valacia," Liverpool, 129,524.Calcutta1Removed to Tilbury Hospital.
„ 22ss. " Clan Macquarrie," Glasgow, 133,157.Chittagong1Landed Chittagong.
„ 23ss. " Manela," Glasgow, 144,250.Karachi1Admitted to Royal Albert Dock Hospital.
„ 25ss. " Kaisar-I-Hind," Greenock, 128,653.Bombay2Well on arrival.
„ 29ss. " Clan Macbride," Glasgow, 133,087.Marmagon1Remained on board.

The ss. " Macedonia " left Tilbury, August 11th, 1924, and arrived at Bombay
via the Suez Canal on the 19th September.
Leaving Bombay on the 27th .September, the vessel arrived in London on
October 18th.
At Bombay on September 24th, " Macedonia " received 29 persons—European
crew of ss. " Delta," this ship having broken down.
The ships were together in dock at Bombay.
The " Delta " was 10 days in dock before transfer of the 29 crew of the ss.
" Macedonia."
Ten of the transferred crew were ill at the time of transfer, suffering from
The crew of both ships had access to the shore at will.
About 40 cases in all were treated for malaria during the voyage home.
In the fatal case, the " Macedonia's " 3rd Officer was taken ill on October 6th
(ship at Port Said, 10 days out, 18 days since arrival in Bombay), was vomiting
severely on the 12th and collapsed suddenly and died on the 15th.
Eight Europeans and 16 natives of the " Macedonia's " crew and 10 Europeans
of the " Delta's " crew were landed to the Seamen's Branch Hospital and Seamen's
Hospital, Greenwich.
The majority of cases were benign tertain, one or two sub tertian and one or
two mixed infection.
Both crews having been subject to the same conditions in Bombay, it is not
clear that the " Delta " cases influenced incidence of the " Macedonia " cases.
Theoretical considerations are against any probability of this.
This malaria morbidity being excessive on these ships, the conditions in
Bombay Dock in the latter half of September as regards infection must have
been unusually bad.