London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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City of London 1924

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Port of London]

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Pulmonary Tuberculosis.— continued.

Date.Name of Vessel, Port of Registry and Official No.Where from.No. of Cases.How dealt with.
1924.Brought forward63
Sept. 28ss. " Jervis Bay," Sydney, 150,187.Sydney2Proceeded home.
„ 29ss. " Highland Rover," London, 129,067.Buenos Aires1
„ 29ss. " Minnewaska," Belfast, 145,433.New York1
Oct. 5ss. " Baradine," Belfast, 145,149.Sydney1
„ 10ss. " Nerbudda," Glasgow, 141,898.1Admitted to Seamen's Hospital, Greenwich.
„ 10ss. " Clan Macgillivray," Glasgow, 129,596.Chittagong1Landed Aden.
„13ss. " Highland Glen," London, 129,139.Buenos Aires1Died.
„ 23ss. " Mathura," Liverpool, 143,690.Calcutta1Landed Colombo.
„ 26ss. " Argun Maru," Tokio.Kobe1Proceeded home.
„ 26ss. " Nagoya," Greenock, 135,323.Yokohama4Naval Cases.
„ 29ss. " Durham Castle," London, 118,387.Beira1Landed Durban.
Nov. 3ss. " Lepanto," Hull, 139,278.Cebu1Proceeded home.
„ 4ss. " Durban Maru," Tokio, 26,431.Yokohama1Died on board.
„ 5ss. " Hektos," Helsingfors.1Admitted to Seamen's Hospital, Greenwich.
„ 20ss. " Osterley," Glasgow, 128,287.Brisbane1Proceeded home.
„ 22ss. " Botne," Dramner.Norway1Admitted to Seamen's Hospital, Greenwich.
„ 26ss. " City of Eastbourne," Liverpool, 147,213.Calcutta1Landed Port Said.
„ 26ss. " Amatonga," N. Shields, 115,957.-1Admitted to Seamen's Hospital, Greenwich.
Dec. 4ss. " Persic," Liverpool, 110,620.Cape Town1Landed Southampton.
„ 12ss. " Merkara," Glasgow, 136,332.Calcutta1Landed Marseilles.
„ 18ss. " Trafford Hall," Liverpool, 120,906.Durban1Attended a hospital in London.
„ 19ss. " Malwa," Greenock, 127,543.Yokohama1Proceeded home.
„ 22ss. " Ceramic," Liverpool, 135,474.Durban1Landed Southampton.

TABLE XV.—T uberculosis (other kinds).

Date.Name of Vessel, Port of Registry and Official No.Where from.No. of Cases.How dealt with.
June 12ss. " Caledonia," Greenock, 102,390.Bombay1Died on board.
July 10ss. " Novara," Greenock, 131,860.Calcutta1Proceeded home.
„ 19ss. " Balranald," Greenock, 145,597.Sydney1
Sep. 29ss. " Glenapp," Glasgow, 144,230.lAdmitted to Seamen's Hospital, Greenwich.
Nov. 5ss. " Torfinn Jarl," Trondhjem.l„ „
Dec. 22ss. " Minnewaska," Belfast, 145,433.New YorklProceeded home.