London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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City of London 1924

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Port of London]

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Enteric Fever—continued.

Date. 1924.Name of Vessel, Port of Registry and Official No.Where from. Brought forwardNo. of Cases. 30How dealt with.
Oct. 10ss. " Mahratta," Liverpool, 140,545.Calcutta1Landed Colombo.
Nov. 5ss. " Port Macquarie," London, 135,132.•>1
„ 6ss. " Hardwicke Grange," London, 146,177.La Plata1Well on arrival.
Nov. 20ss. " Osterley," Glasgow, 128,287.Brisbane1Put on board at Gibraltar free from infection.
.. 21ss. " Nore," Greenock, 123,531.Calcutta1Hospital for Tropical Diseases, Euston.
„ 23ss. " Clan Murdoch," Glasgow, 141,911.Marmagon1Landed Cochin.
„ 26ss. " Saxonia," Liverpool, 110,648.New York1Removed to Port Sanitary Hospital.
„ 28ss. " Paris Maru," OsakaY okohama1Removed to Royal Albert Dock Hospital.
„ 29ss. " Minnewaska," Belfast, 145,433.New York1it ti
Dec. 2ss. " Morea," Glasgow, 128,235.Yokohama1it it
„ 29ss. " City of Venice," Glasgow, 147,890.Calcutta1Admitted to hospital at Glasgow.
„ 31ss. " Madura," Glasgow, 146,268.Beira1Landed Marseilles.

TABLE X—M easles.

Date. 1924.Name of Vessel, Port of Registry and Official No.Where from.No. of Cases.How dealt with.
Feb. 29ss. " Macedonia," Belfast, 116,012.Kobe4Patients well on arrival.
Mar. 9ss. " Macharda," Liverpool, 140,593.Calcutta1Treated on board.
„ 17ss. " Novara," Greenock, 131,860.,,86 well; 2 to Port Sanitary Hospital.
Apl. 9ss. " Andania," Liverpool, 145,934.New York1Proceeded home.
May 22ss. " Longships," Glasgow, 141,869.Glasgow1Removed to Port Sanitary Hospital.
„ 28ss. " Nellore," Greenock, 135,235.Yokohama3Well on arrival.
June 2ss. " Lapland," Liverpool, 137,398.New York1,, ,,
„ 3ss. " Ausonia," Liverpool, 145,970.Montreal1Removed to Port Sanitary Hospital.
„ 17ss. " Andania," Liverpool, 145,934.,,1,, ,,
„ 24ss. " Dunluce Castle," London, 118,490.Beira1Convalescent on arrival.
„ 28Training Ship " Warspite "1Removed to Ship's hospital.
„ 30ss. " Lapland,"New York21 landed New York ; 1 to
Aug. 1Liverpool, 137,398. ss. " Merkara,"Rangoon2 'Port Sanitary Hospital. Proceeded home.
„ 3Glasgow, 136,332. ss. " Morea,"Kobe3Convalescent on arrival.
„ 15Glasgow, 128,235. ss. " Ballarat," Greenock, 145,596.Sydney1,, ,,
Sept. 28ss. " Jervis Bay," Sydney, 150,187.,,1,, ,,
Oct. 10ss. " Medic," Liverpool, 110,573.Brisbane2Landed Southampton.
„ 29ss. " Durham Castle," London, 118,387.Beira109 landed Plymouth ; 1 to Port Sanitary Hospital.
Nov. 6ss. " Baradine," Belfast, 145,419.Sydney1Removed to Port Sanitary Hospital.
„ 14ss. " Garth Castle," London, 129,078.Beira1Well on arrival.