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City of London 1916

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Port of London]

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D U N N , Mayor.
TRELOAR, Locum Tenens.
A Common Council holden in the Chamber of
the Guildhall of the City of London, 011
Thursday, the 4th day of October, 1917.
THE Fort of London Sanitary Committee did this day deliver into this
Court a Report in writing under their hands, of their proceedings, and
submitting the Annual Report of the Medical Officer of Health of the
Port to the 31st December, 1916 ; which was read.
Ordered, That the Report be printed, and a copy sent to every
Member of this Court.
To the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor, Aldermen and Commons
of the City of London, in Common Council assembled.
WE whose names are hereunto subscribed, of your Port of London Sanitary
Committee, to whom it has been referred to carry into execution the powers
assigned to the Corporation, as the Port of London Sanitary Authority by the
Local Government Board, under the Public Health (London) Act, 1891, beg to
submit for the information of your Honourable Court the Annual Report of
the Medical Officer of Health for the Port of London, for the year ended the 31st
December, 1916, which Report contains a full and detailed account of the work done in
the Port during that period by the Medical Officers and Inspectors.
The number of cases of Infectious Disease admitted to the Hospital was below the
average, and no case of Plague or Cholera was brought into the Port.
The examination of rats for evidence of Plague has been continued as work of
considerable importance in the public interest. The number of rats specially examined
and reported upon during the year was 4,132, while 52,258 were reported to have been
destroyed in the docks and on ships entering the Port.

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