London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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City of London 1902

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Port of London]

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APPENDIX L.— continued.

Date.Vessel or Premises.Situation.Nature of Nuisance.Remarks.
1902. July 1"L" WarehouseVictoria DockFoul condition of urinal and inefficient water supply.Urinal cleansed and water supply made good.
„ 1Central BuffetR. A. Dk.DittoDitto.
„ 1"K" JettyVictoria DockOffensive condition of a case of samples, ex s.s."Star of Australia."Case removed.
„ 3Atlantic Transport Co.'s Offices.Tilbury DockDrain blockedDrain removed and new one laid.
„ 9Western portion of General Office.R. A. Dk.Foul condition of closets and inefficient water supply.Closets cleansed and water supply made good.
„ 9No. 8 ShedS. C. Dk.Accumulation of decomposing food stuffs.Accumulation removed.
„ 18Gibb's WharfLimehouseLoading manure into barge " Landfield.". No nuisance in the district of the Port Sanitary Authority. The premises complained of are within the Metropolitan Borough of Stepney.
„ 23Royal Albert DockAccumulation of horse droppings and refuse between the sheds.Horse droppings and refuse removed.
„ 25s.s. "Trocas"Black oil pumped into River.Owners of vessel warned. No recurrence of offence.
Aug. 8West India DockPutrid carcass of a dog and floating vegetable matter under the bows of H.M.S."President."Carcass of dog and vegetable matter removed.
„ 13Barge "Mascotte"Bilges full of foul liquidOwner called upon to abate nuisance.
Sept. 3Labourers' ShelterW. I. Dk.Dirty and offensive condition.Shelter cleansed.
” 4
„ 10W.C. accommodation for workmen.Victoria DockAlleged filthy conditionThe closets were inspected and found to be in good order.
” 11Spaces between "C2" and "B2” also "C2" and "D3" WarehousesMillwall DockAccumulation of decomposing sweepings.Sweepings removed and spaces cleansed.
„ 11Lighter "Ethel"DittoFoul condition of craftLighter cleansed.
„ 12„ "Gibraltar"Victoria DockDittoDitto.
„ 18Barge "G.A.M.C.," of Rochester, 58,495.BanksideFoul condition of bilges under cabin floor.Owner called upon to abate nuisance, which he undertook to do.
., 20Barge "Fritz," ofSt. Olaves' Vestry Wharf.DittoDitto.
„ 23London, 79,699.
„ 22s.s. "Speedwell," of Hull, 110,755.In River, off Billingsgate Fish Market.Pumping foul bilge water into River.Owner warned against a recurrence of offence.
„ 22Public National Telephone Call Box, No. 454 Eastern.W. I. Dk.Dirty and without proper ventilation.Box cleaned. Ventilation in hand.
„ 22Baggage Warehouse.Tilbury DockQuantity rotten pineapple.Buried in waste ground.