London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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City of London 1889

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Port of London]

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At night, between
8.0 p.m. and 8.0 a.m.,
and on Sundays,
Christmas Day, and
Good Friday,
To the Ambulance
Eastern Ambulance Station:
Brooksby's Walk,
Homerton, N.E.
Soutli-Eastern Ambulance
Station: New Cross
Road (near Old Kent
Road Railway Station),
Western Ambulance Station:
Seagrave Road,
Fulham, S.W.
2. Removal to the Board's Hospitals—
(a) Only persons suffering from small-pox, fevers, or diphtheria are admitted
into the Board's Hospitals.
(b) Every application must state the name, age, and full address of the
patient, from what disease suffering, and in cases of fever the particular
kind of fever ; and also the name of the person making the application.
(c) Unless a Medical Certificate be handed to the Ambulance Nurse the
patient will not be removed.
(d) Patients should leave all valuables, money, &c., and all outside clothing
at home, should wear body linen only, and be wrapped in the blankets
provided for the purpose.
(e) The Ambulance Nurse will leave, at the house from which the patient is
removed, a notice stating the Hospital to which the patient is to be
taken, and a copy of the regulations as to visiting, &c.
3. Conveyance to other places—
(a) Persons suffering from any dangerous infectious disorder may be conveyance
by Ambulance to places other than the Board's Hospitals.
N.B.—Dangerous Infectious Disorders includes the following: Smallpox,
Cholera, Diphtheria, Membranous Croup, Erysipelas,
Scarlatina or Scarlet Fever, Typhus, Typhoid, Enteric, Relapsing,
Continued and Puerperal Fevers, and Measles.
(i.) Name, sex, and age of patient.
(ii.) Description of disease, and, in the case of fever, the particular
kind of fever.
(iii.) Full address from which the patient is to be conveyed,
(iv.) Full address to which the patient is to be conveyed.
(c) The patient must be provided with a Medical Certificate of the nature of
the disease, to be handed to the Driver of the Ambulance.
(b) Every application for an Ambulance must state:—

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