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Whitechapel 1885

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Whitechapel]


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    From the subjoined Table may be readily compared the per centage of deaths from the chief classes of diseases amongst Metropolitan residents, and amongst residents of the Whitechapel District:—
    Class of Disease.London.Whitechapel.
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    The Districtsare those comprised in the East District of London:—
    name of district.Proportion per 1000 of Deaths from Zymotic Diseases to total Deaths from all causes.
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    were all investigated by the Coroner with the following results:-
    Cause of Death.Spitalfields Sub-District.Mile End New Town Sub-District.Whitechapel Church Sub-District.Goodman's Fields Sub-District.Aldgate Sub-District.
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    This return, which I valuevery much, informs me that since February 27th, and up to December 31st last, there were admitted into the Managers' Hospitals, Ships and Camps, cases of Small-pox from the Eastern District, as under:—
    NAME of vestry ok district board.Population (last Census).Total Admissions.
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    Table A. —Births and Deaths registered in the Whitechapel District during the 52 weeks of the Year 1885 which terminated January 2nd, 1886.
    Total Births Registered—2378.Total Deaths Registered—2080.
    Spitalfields.Mile End New Twn.Whitchpl. Church.Goodman's Fields.Aldgate.MalesFmealesSpitalfields.Mile End New Twn.Whitchpl. Church.Goodman's Fields.Aldgate.Males.Females
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    Table B.—The Whitechapel Infirmary being in the Mile End New Town sub-District, and 80 births (5 being non-resident) having taken place in that Institution, the 75 resident births have been referred to the sub-Districts where the mothers previously resided. The amended Table is therefore given :—
    Spitalfields.Mile End New Town.Whitechapl. Church.Goodman's Fields.Aldgate.
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    As the deaths of 715 non-residents took place in the London Hospital, which is in the Whitechapel Church sub-District, and 16 non-residents died in other parts of the District, and 107 residents died in outlying Public Institutions, I have referred the deaths of the 1456 residents to their proper sub-Districts, as under:—
    Spitalfields.Mile End New Town.Whitechapl. Church.Goodman's Fields.Aldgate.
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    Table C.—The 731 deaths of non-residents which took place in the District were registered in the sub-Districts as follows:—
    Spitalfields, (Met. Free Hos.)Mile End New Town. (Infirmary.)Whitechapl. Church, (Lond. Hos.)Goodman's Fields.Aldgate.
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    The deaths of the 107 residents (males 69, females 38) which took place in Public Institutions outside the District occurred as follows:-
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    Table D.—Showing the Ages at Death of the 1456 Residents who died during the year 1885.
    Under 1 year.Between 1 and 5.Between 5 and 20.Between 20 and 40.Between 40 and 60.Between 60 and 80.Over 80 years of age.
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    Table E.
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    ZYMOTIC DISEASES during the year 1885.
    NAME OF PLACE.Small Pox.Scarlet Fever.Enteric orTyphus Fvr.NAME OF PLACE.Small Pox.Scarlet Fever.Enteric or TyphusFvr.
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    T ABLE F.—VACCINATION STATISTICS. For the Year ended December 31st, 1885.
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    Table G.—Sanitary Work performed by the Inspectors.
    Quarter ending April 4th.Quarter ending July 4th.Quarter ending October 3rd.Quarter ending January 2nd.Totals for the Year 1885.