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Redbridge 1968

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Redbridge]

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Arrangements were made at the Health Clinics for the nurses to meet
as groups, at weekly intervals. A Robophone was installed at Hyleford
Home for the Elderly and this enabled General Practitioners and Hospital
staff to leave messages after office hours and during holidays.
Refresher Courses:
Three district nurses attended a course held at the Borough of
Newham's School of Community Nursing.
District Nursing Training:
Six newly appointed nurses attended a four months' course, arranged
by the London Borough of Waltham Forest. The practical instruction and
experience was gained within the Borough of Redbridge.
The staff at the end of the year consisted of 35 S.R.N's. and
3 S.E.N's. There are now four male nurses who are responsible for
visiting the majority of male patients.
The year closed with discussions on future arrangements for all
District Nurses to be attached to General Practitioners.
In August 1968 all Local Authorities were advised that a new
schedule of vaccination and immunisation procedures in childhood had
been issued, based on the recommendations of the Joint Committee on
Vaccination and Immunisation.
Following meetings of the Immunological Committee of five adjacent
London Boroughs a new schedule, based on these recommendations was
introduced in Redbridge on 1st November 1968.
The new schedule consists of fewer injections, starting earlier and
more widely spaced. This altered timing is expected to result in a higher
level of immunity in the child population.
Earlier in the year the Department of Health and Social Security,
then known as the Ministry of Health recommended that all children up to
age of 15 years should be given the opportunity of receiving vaccination
against measles unless they had already acquired a natural immunity.
The acceptance rate was not so high as had been anticipated
because of acquired immunity but by holding special sessions for these

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