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Malden and Coombe 1949

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Malden & Coombe]

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As far as possible, watch is kept on premises where foodstuffs
are prepared or sold, which includes slaughterhouses,
butchers' and fishmongers' shops, bakehouses, dairies, etc.
No animals were killed for sale in local slaughterhouses
during the year.

The following unfit foodstuffs were voluntarily surrendered and destroyed or handed over for salvage

Evaporated or Condensed Milk192 tins
Jam and Marmalade37 tins
Beans28 tins
Tinned Vegetables85 tins
Brawn7 tins
Salad Cream31 bottles
Tinned Fruit42 tins
Beef Loaf, Luncheon Meat, etc.20 tins
Soup29 tins
Coffee½ lb.
Figs164 lbs.
Meat and Vegetable Stew3 tins
Malted Milk1 bottle
Fish82 tins
Toffees4 packets
Wet Fish160 stone
Lamb59 lbs.
Stewing Steak19½ lbs.
Pickles28 jars
Dried Egg1 tin
Spaghetti4 tins
Meat and Fish Paste4 jars
Cheese7 lbs.
Barley Flakes16 lbs.
Danish Pork1 tin
Bacon1 tin
Potted Meat2 tins
Beef42 lbs.
Mutton20 lbs.
Calves Head12½ lbs.
Corned Beef1 tin

A number of complaints regarding foodstuffs were received during
the year, some of which are worth recording.
(1) A piece of cheese (Canadian) when cut was found to contain
a piece of glass. The glass was embedded well in the interior and,
apparently, introduced during manufacture abroad.
(2) A complaint was received that some iced cakes purchased
locally were thought to contain mice 'dirts'. The cakes were sent
to the Public Analyst who, however, reported that what was thought to
be the offending substance were numerous pieces of brown or blackish
matter which proved to consist of finely chopped raisins or similar dried
fruit. There was no abnormal dirt or other foreign matter.