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Malden and Coombe 1949

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Malden & Coombe]

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Three cases of acute poliomyelitis were notified during
the year, two in the persons of females aged 24 and 13 years
respectively and one male aged 17 years. All recovered from
the acute stage of the disease but afterwards suffered in varying
degree from resultant paralysis.
In the past epidemics of measles have occurred biennially,
but this seems to have changed so that they are now taking
place more or less every year. Five hundred and three cases
were notified, being one hundred and seventeen more than the
previous year. Ten cases were removed to hospital and no
deaths occurred. Prophylactic serum for contacts was supplied
to all doctors who made application.
The number of cases of whooping cough notified was
ninety-four. Six cases were removed to hospital. No deaths
One case of paratyphoid fever was reported. This was a
young married woman who was taken ill whilst away on her
honeymoon. Detailed enquiries failed to trace the source of
infection although they indicated that the disease was contracted
outside this district.
The scheme for the treatment of Scabies, referred to in
previous reports continued successfully although the number of
cases coming to notice is gradually diminishing. During 1949,
sixty persons received treatment. Of these, thirty-five showed
definite lesions, the remainder being contacts in the same