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Carshalton 1961

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Carshalton]

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Section C.—Sanitary Circumstances.
Water Supply
All dwellings, except for approximately 200 in the northern end of
the district which are supplied by the Metropolitan Water Board, are
provided with a mains supply of water from the Sutton District Water
Company. The Company's source of supply are wells in the chalk sited
at Sutton, Cheam and Woodmansterne. This can be augmented, if the
need arises, by water from the Metropolitan Water Board, the East
Surrey Water Company and the Epsom and Ewell Corporation's undertaking.
The following establishments have their own private wells mainly
for industrial use. The St. Helier Hospital, Muschamp Road Laundry,
West Street Laundry, St. Philomena's School and Convent, British
Industrial Solvents Ltd.
Every structurally separate dwelling has a piped supply direct to
the dwelling and there are no stand pipes.
The finished water is not plumbo-solvent.
Extensive and comprehensive arrangements exist for ensuring and
maintaining the purity of the supply which include chlorination. The
Company employs a full-time chemist equipped with laboratory facilities
in addition to which testing is carried out periodically for the Company
by a firm of independent water chemists and also by the public health
departments of the Councils in the supply area on an agreed rota.
Both quantity and quality were satisfactory throughout the area. To
meet the growing needs of the supply area, the Company is taking the
necessary powers under the Water Act, 1945, to increase their abstraction
from the Cheam wells and a public inquiry has been held. The district
council having been satisfied as to certain safeguards, withdrew their
objection to the proposal.

The following information relating to the tests carried out at the Company's own laboratory are supplied by courtesy of the Company.

Total No. of Bacteriological ExaminationsTotal No. of full Chemical AnalysesNo. and % of samples showing Coli-Aerogens in 100 ml. (Excluding B.Coli 1)No. and % of samples showing B.Coli present in 100 ml. of sample (Typel)Total No. Coli-Aero-genes Organisms in 100 ml. of sample
Sutton Raw3115361.9165.222
Sutton Finished3111231.020.65
Woodmansterne Raw3115310.3NilNil1
Woodmansterne Finished3101210.310.32
Cheam Raw3115392.9217.030
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