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Mitcham 1934

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Mitcham]

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For Infectious Disease Cases.—The Wandle Valley Joint Hospital
Board have provided two motor ambulances for the removal of cases
of infectious disease to the Isolation Hospital. The ambulance
service for the district is quite adequate at present.
The Surrey County Council are the local supervising authority
for midwives. At present there are 21 midwives practising in this
borough, five of whom are on the staff of the Woodlands Maternity
Home and who do no district work.
There are four health visitors employed in visiting the mothers
and children in this district. The work is so arranged that children
under one year of age are visited about once a month, children
between one or two years of age are visited every two months,
between three years and four years every six months, and between
four years and five years once a year. Extra visits are paid if it is
thought to be desirable.
There are three nursing associations in the borough, employing
a total of four nurses. During the year 652 cases were visited and
the total number of visits paid was 13,440, an average of 20 visits
per patient.
Welfare Clinics.
Infant Welfare Centres are held at the following places:—
Surrey County Clinic, Western Road.—Sessions are held on
the first and third Wednesdays in each month. Dr. Parsons
attends both sessions.
Western Centre, Cavendish Road.—Sessions are held on the
first four Tuesdays of each month. Dr. Parsons attends on the
second and third Tuesdays,
St. Barnabas Church Hall, Gorringe Park.— Sessions are held
on the first four Tuesdays of each month. Dr. Parsons attends on
the first and fourth Tuesdays.