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Tottenham 1961

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Tottenham]

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The birth-rate 16.91 per 1,000 population was the highest since 194-8. The
highest post-war rate was in 1947 - 21.57 and the lowest 12.37 in 1954.
Illegitimate Births
There was again a marked increase in the percentage of illegitimate births. Of the
babies born in Tottenham in 1961, 9.8%or one in ten, were illegitimate compared with
the previous highest figure in 1960 which was 8.5%. Between the two world wars the
rate never exceeded 4.6%.
Infantile Deaths
A total of 51 deaths under 1 year of age is recorded by the Registrar General,
giving a rate of 26.58 per thousand live births, the highest rate since 1947. Thirtyone
of the deaths occuried in the first week of life and a further six in the first four
Lung Cancer
Deaths from Lung Cancer locally continued to rise, thus conforming with the
national increase in deaths from this cause now sixty deaths a day or more than three
times the mortality on the roads. All the evidence shows that deaths from lung cancer
should be much more easily preventable than those from road accidents.
Chronic Bronchitis
This "English Disease" is the major problem in respiratory complaints in this
country. The causes are manifold, and include atmospheric pollution, smoking,
respiratory infections, and occupational hazards. Men in the 50-60 age group are the
principal sufferers, and those with outdoor work in towns have four times the death
rate when compared with similar workers in the country. During the last year the
Tottenham figures showed an increase in deaths from this cause in elderly men.

Bronchitis and Lung Cancer Death Rates per 100,000 Population

YearBronchitisLung Cancer
TottenhamEngland & WalesTottenhamEngland & Wales
196192Not available66Not available