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Tottenham 1954

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Tottenham]

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Facilities for diphtheria immunisation are provided at all clinics under
the control of the local County Area Health Committee as well as at general
practitioners surgeries. The immunisation against whooping cough is usually
carried out at the same time by the use of a combined vaccine. Details of
this service for the year in the area (Tottenham and Hornsey) are shown in the
Area Medical Officer's report, which is given as an appendix to this report.
Scarlet Fever
There were 92 cases of scarlet fever notified during the year, but no
deaths were attributed to the disease. Of the 42 cases admitted to hospital
the diagnosis was amended in 5 instances.

Details of cases admitted to hospital were as follows:-

HospitalDiagnosis confirmed and Cases treated to a conclusionDiagnosis amended
Number of casesAverage stay in hospital (days)Number of casesAverage stay in hospital (days)
St. Ann s General3016.659.6
Other Hospitals725 8No amendments
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Three of the cases admitted to hospital were complicated one by chicken
pox, one by broncho-pneumonia and the other with cervical adenitis and chicken
Whooping Cough
In common with other infectious diseases this year, the incidence of
whooping cough was low 144 cases being notified as against 360 in 1953.
There were no deaths from this disease
The whooping cough vaccine trials conducted by the Medical Research
Council were concluded during the year, The earlier trials had shown that a
satisfactory vaccine could be made and its later trials were to compare the
efficiency of vaccines produced by various methods. Preliminary results
indicate that all the vaccines tested produced a high degree of immunity to
There were 149 notifications of measles during the year. This is the
lowest figure recorded in the borough since the disease was made notifiable m
Eight cases were removed to hospital with complications.

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