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Tottenham 1951

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Tottenham]

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Mass Radiography of School Children.
In March 1951 the Mass Radiography Unit visited Hornsey.
961 schoolchildren (356 boys and 605 girls) attended for miniature
chest films. Of these 9 (5 boys and 4 girls) were recalled for
fresh films. 5 (3 boys and 2 girls) were referred to the Chest
Physician. Of these 5, 2 boys were found to be fit.
B.C.G. Inoculations.
The Medical Research Council are conducting an investigation
into the efficacy of B.C.G. inoculation in the prevention of tuberculosis.
Among the groups being investigated is the "schoolleaver"
The scheme entails the circularisation of parents of schoolleavers,
explaining the objects of the scheme and asking for volunteers.
In their last term but one the volunteers are tuberculintested
and X-rayed The tuberculin negative reactors are divided
into two groups by a statistical method, and one of the two groups
is vaccinated with B.C.G.
In their last term, all the children who were found to be tuber
culin-negative the previous term (whether vaccinated or not) are
re-tested with tuberculin and re-X-rayed Those negative to 1/3000
tuberculin are re-tested with 1/100 tuberculin
All three groups (i.e. (i) those initially tuberculin-positive,
(ii) those who were tuberculin negative and not vaccinated and (iii)
those who were tuberculin negative and vaccinated) are being followed
up by X-ray, tuberculin test and home visit for at least
three years, The home visits will be twice yearly by the health
visiting staff
So far the response in Tottenham has been good The following
figures have been provided by the Medical Research Council

Anti-Tuberculosis Vaccine Clinical Trials Attendances-1951

Spring TermSummer TermAutumn TermTotals
No. of School Leavers410350233993
No. of Acceptances235207165607
Percentage of Acceptances57.359.070.861.1
No. attending 1st test221175156552
Total positive743356163
Total inoculated with B. C. G.575436147
No. of controls736242177
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