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West Ham 1948

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for West Ham]

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Classification of the General Condition of Children Inspected during the year in the Periodic

Age Groups
Number ofA.B.C.
inspectedNo %No. $No %
7,3522,705 36.794,072 55.39575 7-82
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Table III

Defects Treated under Authority's scheme

Group 1. Treatment of Minor Ailments(excluding uncleaniness):

Total number of defects treated or under treatment during the year under the Authority's scheme8,626
Errors of refraction (including squint) Other defect or disease of the eyes (excluding minor eye1,650
defects) Total1,650
Number of children for whom spectacles were
(a) Prescribed1,198
(b) Obtaine1,109
Group 3. Treataient of defects of Nose and Throats
Received Operative Treatment422
Received Other Forms of Treatment123
Total Itanber Treated545
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TABLE IV 0 Dental Inspection and Treatment

(1) Number of children inspected by the Dentist :
(a) Periodic Age Group5.563
{b) Specials3,206
(c) Total (Periodic and Specials)8,769
(2) Number found to require treatment6,030
{3} Number actually treated5,001
(4) Attendances made by children for treatment10.707
(5) Half-days devoted tog
35 Total half-days1,822
In addition, 319 sessions were devoted to Orthodontic treatment
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