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West Ham 1948

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for West Ham]

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An analysis of the causation of defect in 75 West Ham cases and 16 extra-district cases which were in the Orange Road Special School during the year 1948 is set out belows:

DefectWest HamExtra-District
Heart conditions215
Quiescent T.B. bone and joint defects142
Spastic conditions103
Spina bifida11
Miscellaneous conditions112
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The miscellaneous conditions include such cases as myositis ossificans, severe congenital
dorsal scoliosis, coxa plana, Perthe's disease, Hand-Schuller=Christian disease. Achondroplasia
and other defects.
This Hostel, which is situated adjacent to Knox Road Special School, has accommodation
for 18 educationally subnormal boys with behaviour difficulties or other circumstances render.
ing it advisable for them to leave their homes. In some cases the children improve considerably
and, where in addition the home conditions improve, the children are allowed to leave the
Hostel and return home. Before this is allowed however, the children are examined and satisfactory
reports must be received from the Superintendent of the Hostel and the Head Teacher of
the Special School. Prom the beginning, periodic visits have been made by the Chief Assistant
School Medical Officer, who reports very favourably both on the cleanliness of the premises and
the well-kept condition of the children. The Home is in charge of a married couple, who act as
Superintendent and Matron respectively. They both devote much time and energy to the welfare of
the children, and achieve a considerable measure of success in their endeavours to provide a
real family atmosphere, in which each boy is encouraged to develop his own individual interests
There can be no doubt that the boys have already derived much benefit from their residence
there During the year 11 visits of inspection were made by the Chief Assistant School Medical
0ffieer Consultations are at times arranged between the Medical Officer, the Superintendent
and the Head Teacher of the Special School
The capacity of this school, which also takes children from East Ham and contiguous
areas of Essex, is 60, and the maximum number of children on the roll during the year was 590
including 31 extra-district cases. It is anticipated that the accommodation will be increased
under the Development Plan. Of the 59 children in attendance during the year, 2k West Ham
cases and 23 extras-district cases were regarded as deaf and 4 West Ham cases and 8 extra,
district cases as partially deaf and suited for instruction with hearing aids. The discharges
from the school are set out below, there being no admissions duving the year.
West Ham
Totally deaf 2
Admitted to Residential Special Schools 1
Partially deaf (returned to ordinary school) 1
1 Essex
1 East Ham

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