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West Ham 1948

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for West Ham]

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for various conditions affecting the ears (some of these treatments were given at minor
ailments clinics). Details of the ascertainment of deaf children are given on page 60.
A report by Mr.C.J.Scott, MB., Ch,B.., D.L.O.Ear,Nose and Throat Surgeon, follows:-
The Ear, Nose and Throat Clinics continued as in 1947 and I am pleased to report
that the attendances continued to be satisfactory.
No radical changes were found to be necessary• An additional small clinic is held
at Plaistow Fever Hospital in addition to the Ward rounds there as a follow-up for eases
seen there, and urgent cases referred by general practitioners in the area.

The suggested additions and improvements have not been implemented, but it is hoped that it will be economically possible to bring some of these into operation in the near future.

Statistical Analysis.
Total new cases examined during the years1031
School Children843
Maternity & Child Welfare188
Number of Attendances:2001
School Children1731
Maternity & Child Welfare270
Referred for Ts. and As. operations:288
School Children237
Maternity & Child Welfare51
Referred for other Operations (School Children:8
Number Discharged:670
School Children540
Maternity & Child Welfare130
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ORTHOPAEDIC AND POSTURAL DEFECTS. The Authority's arrangement with the Children's
Hospital, Balaam Street, Plaistow, for the treatment of children suffering from orthopaedic
defects was continued during the year and remained unaltered by the operation of the
National Health Service. In 1948 the number of children treated as out-patients was 179
with a total attendance of 2470; and, in addition,, 35 children were treated as in-patients.
In addition,, 13 children were under maintenance at orthopaedic hospital schools approved by
the Ministry of Education.
The provision of surgical appliances became the responsibility of the Hospital Service
after the "appointed day".

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