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West Ham 1948

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for West Ham]

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CLEANLINESS. At the same time as she inspects for nutrition the nurse examines the
child for cleanliness. Apart from these survey examinations infestation is detected at
periodic or special medical inspections.
During the year 38,793 inspections were made and 1,519 instances of infestation
found. This gives a figure of 3.92 cases of infestation per 100 cases examined. This
compares well with the figures for the post war years when the percentage never fell
below 6.
Many of these inspections were for recurrent infestation in a small group of
children so that the true incidence of infestation with the head louse is probably lower
than 3.92.
The duty of cleansing the child lies with the parent® The nurse's function is to
advise as to how cleansing can best be carried out and to make sure the child is clear
before re-admission to school. In practice it is necessary to cleanse a number of cases
in the school clinics.
FOLLOW-UP. It is the school nurse's duty to visit the homes of all children who
fail to keep appointments for consultation or treatment, or who lapse during treatment,
and if possible secure that the child gets the necessary care and treatment® A second
important aspect of follow-up work is the visiting of children after treatment or discharge
from hospital to ensure that progress is maintained.
This work is of the greatest value in that it makes the best use of the work of
the school doctors and specialists as well as being of real educational value.
During the year the school nurses made 6,772 home visits in follow-up work.


RINGWORM. The number of cases of ringworm of the scalp treated during the year was 7® Six of them were referred for X-ray treatment.

Total Number TreatedReceived X-ray Treatment
1945 2722
1946 2416
1947 159
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MINOR AILMENTS® The treatment of minor ailments is undertaken at the school clinics. The total number of conditions treated at these clinics during the year was 8,626. Following is an analysis of this figures-

External Eye Diseases613
Minor Ear Defects567
Skin Diseases1,225
Miscellaneous Defects6,221
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The number of new cases seen at the three individual clinics was as follows

ClinicNew Cases
Balaam Street3,723
Rosetta Road2620
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