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West Ham 1948

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for West Ham]

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Diagnosis only6
To Whlpps Cross Hospital6
To Child Guidance Clinic6
Admission to Goodmayes Hospital12
ReĀ®admission to Goodmayes Hospital26
Treated at the Clinic191
Still tinder treatment at Clinic25
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The West Ham Nerve Clinic was one of the Clinics transferred to the Regional Hospital
Board under the National Health Service Act, 1946.
The hospitals under the Jurisdiction of the Council were transferred to the Regional
Hospital Board as from 5th July. Prom that time until the end of the year. they were so deeply
engaged with questions of re-organisation,, that it has not been practicable to obtain detailed
reports of their work. Statistical material relating to these hospitals is however grouped together,
as appendices, at the end of the report.
NATIONAL ASSISTANCE ACT, 1948, Section 47. No circumstances arose in which it was deemed
necessary to take action under this Section.

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