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West Ham 1948

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for West Ham]

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transferredj, to cover the whole of the Borough north of the district railway on an agency,
This left the area south of the district railway as far as the Docks to be worked by
the staff taken over by the Council from Plaistow Maternity Hospital and remaining housed
there for the time beingo This staff consisted ofs-
1 S.R.N. (Sister)
1 S.E.A.N.
1 N.A.
Employed full time.
2 S.R.N.
1 S.E.A.N.
1 N.A.
Employed part-time.
This staff was augmented by variable numbers of C.M.B. trainees from the Plaistow
Maternity Hospital while waiting between their examinations*
It was quite apparent that the staff was entirely inadequate to cope with the needs
of the area, and that the students, of which the staff had been largely composed previously
would no longer be available to the Local Health Authority. This placed the Council in a
very difficult position as they had to assume the responsibility of the District Nursing
service practically without any adequate staff to take over and employ. Recruitment of
additional staff was commenced and by the end of the year the position was that there were:
5 S.R.N.
2 N.A.
Employed full time.
3 S.R.N.
1 N.A.
Employed part time.
With the shortage of Nurses willing to do Home Nursing remaining acute9 and the demand
still rising, it is obvious that it will take some considerable time to build up an adequate
and stable Home Nursing service in the Borough.

A summary of the work carried out by these nurses from the 5th July is as follows:-

Total Cases AttendedTotal Number of Visits paidAverage No. of Visits per case
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The very small area in Silvertown is still worked as prior to July 5th by the Tate
Nurses on an agency basis on behalf of the CouncilĀ©
The National Health Service Act. although impinging in various ways on the department,
has not had a very great effect on its day to day activities (apart from the taking over of
the Home Nursing Service on the 5th July by the Local Health Authority). It is hoped that it
will eventually lead to a better Integration of all the services charged with the care of the
health of mothers and children.

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