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West Ham 1948

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for West Ham]

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Carcases inspected and rejected (condemnation by a Justice of the Peace was not


Number killed17 a0011,182
Number inspected17,0011,182
All diseases except tuberculosis.
Whole carcases rejected757
Tuberculosis only.
Whole carcases rejected1Nil
Carcases of which some part of organ was rejectedNilNil.
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N.B. No attempt has been made to give the actual percentage of animals in which rejection
of small portions of the carcase or total or partial rejection of organs was necessary since
this would give a totally incorrect picture of the quality of the horse flesh which was almost
invariably of very good quality and free from serious diseased conditions. Many livers were
rejected on account of parasitic invasion - indeed it is more commonly met with than otherwise
and in many cases small areas of localised peritoneal adhesions or calcified dead parasites are
found and after excision of the affected parts (in a fair proportion of cases) were passed as
SHOPS ACTS, 1912-1936. The total number of visits made during the year in respect of
the Shops Acts, 1912-1936 was 3,360 and 553 infringements were detected,, The majority of these
were of a technical nature in respect of which 516 verbal cautions were given regarding the
exhibition of forms, and the keeping of required records of assistant's times of employment etc.
In cases of a more persistent nature 37 written warnings were issued®
Owing to the restrictions on lighting being still in force during the year, and the
limited amount of goods on sale in the shops, the infringements of the Shops (Hours of Closing)
Act, 1928 were of a minor character, and it was not found necessary to take legal proceedings
in any case.
The provisions of the Acts have been carried out by two inspectors until the death of
Mr.Perrier in March 1948. For the latter nine months of the year only one inspector has been
available for the whole of the Borough.
STAFF. Dr. Helen Campbell resigned her appointment as Senior Assistant Medical Officer
and left us in January. She had served in the Department for many years, and it was with genuine
regret that we saw her goc She was succeeded by Dr.Miriam Florentin whom we welcome in her stead.
Miss Dorothy Fraquet, who returns to us after an absence of years, was appointed to the
new post of Superintendent Nursing Officer and took up her duties in September©
HEALTH VISITING. The efficiency and continuity of the health visiting service is the
keystone of the work of the Maternity and Child Welfare Department and unless it is satisfactory,
both in volume and quality, efforts to develop the service are unlikely to meet with success©
Unfortunately during 1948 the number of Health Visitors was reduced to 5 and there were a number
of changes in the personnel of the Public Health Nursing staff.

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