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West Ham 1948

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for West Ham]

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Baking Powder. (Official) Deficient In available carbon dioxide 62%.
Letter of caution sent.
Milk (Official). Deficient in fat 3.3%. Letter of caution sent.
Butter (Official). Contained 0.3% excess water. Letter of caution sent.
Milk (Official). Deficient in fat 10%. Letter of caution sent.
-do- —do- 5%. -do-
Butter (Official), Contained 0.3% excess water. -do-
Shredded Suet (Official). Deficient in fat 4.8#. -do-
Camphorated Oil (Unofficial). Contained 33.7% of mineral oils subsequent samples proved
( -do- (Unofficial) Contained l8# of mineral oil.
( -do- (Official) Contained 25# of mineral oil. Pined £10.0.0. plus £2.2.0. costs.
Gin (Official) 39.5° under proof (4.5° excess of legal limit). Pined £10.0.0.
plus £l.l.0. costs.
Rum (Official) 37° under proof (2° excess of legal limit). Fined £5.0.0. and
£1.1.0. costs.

Particulars are given below of l8 official and 20 unofficial samples which were taken during the year.

Type of SampleNumber of samples takenAnalysis agreedAnalysis disagreed
(a) official981
(b) unofficial1174
Feeding Stuffs
(a) official945
(b) unofficial936
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After allowance being made for the limit of variation in the various constituents permitted
by the Act, three samples of fertilisers contained excesses and two samples showed a
deficiency. Nine samples of feeding stuffs contained excesses, and one sample showed a deficiency.
WATER. There has been no change in the water supply to the Borough; the Metropolitan
Water Board still maintaining a satisfactory supply both in quantity and quality. One sample of
domestic water supply was taken, but was found to be satisfactory.
The water supply Is not liable to have plumbo solvent action and therefore no precautions
have been necessary in this connection. No evidence of any other form of contamination has been
Of a total of 40,625 dwelling houses, including 2,433 shops and dwellings, housing a
population of 173,700, only 30 approximately are supplied by means of a stand-pipe, chiefly in
the northern portion of the Borough,, The remainder of the premises are supplied from public
mains direct to the houses.

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