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West Ham 1947

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for West Ham]

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During the year there were 121 admissions (males 91,
females 30) and 104 discharges (males 72, females 32). There
were 2 deaths at this Institution.
This Hospital is administered in two sections, one with
separate accounting on behalf of the Emergency Medical
Service, and the other is the direct responsibility of the Health
Committee. The latter section is used chiefly for the accommodation
of chronic sick cases, but, in addition, a ward is provided
for children convalescing from infectious disease, and a
second ward provides accommodation for post-natal cases from
Forest Gate Hospital. There has been no change in these
arrangements during the year.
During the year, on the municipal side of the Hospital,
there were 451 admissions (13 males, 220 females, 218 children).
The number of discharges was 413 (3 males, 197 females, 213
children). Deaths numbered 31 (9 males, 22 females).
On the 31st December, 1947, the number of defectives on
the register was 744 (364 males and 380 females). Of this
number, 681 (336 males and 345 females) were ascertained to
be "subject to be dealt with"—i.e., those in whose cases
official action had been taken.
which the defectives on the register at the end of the year
had been deait with is shewn in the following table:—


A.—Mental defectives ascertained to be " subject to be dealt with":—
Number in Institutions under Order186171357
Number on licence from Institutions151227
Number under Guardianship Orders156
Number in "places of safety"429*33
Number under Statutory Supervision116119235
Number in which action not yet taken under any of the above headings14923
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