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West Ham 1947

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for West Ham]

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The total number of cases of tuberculosis on the Register
at 31st December, 1947, was 1,053. Of this number, 862
(461 males and 401 females) were suffering from pulmonary
tuberculosis and 191 (98 males and 93 females) were of the
non-pulmonary form of the disease. The number of cases
added to the Register on account of fresh notifications and
inward transfers was 242—pulmonary, 209; non-pulmonary, 33.
As a result of death, removal from the area, change of
diagnosis, etc., 214 cases were removed from the Register.
NOTIFICATIONS. During the year 191 new cases of
tuberculosis (117 males and 74 females) were formally notified.
Of these, 167 were of pulmonary tuberculosis and 24 nonpulmonary.
DEATHS. The total deaths from tuberculosis allocated to
the Borough during the year was 122, of which 109 (65 males
and 44 females) were of the pulmonary form of the disease and
13 (7 males and 6 females) were of the non-pulmonary form.
By Dr. P. A. Galpin, M.D., D.P.H.,
Chief Clinical Tuberculosis Officer
The following is a summary of the work carried out at the
Chest Clinic:—
(1) Tuberculosis allowance 266/T 58
266/A 69
(2) Number of examinations at the Clinic 5,880
(3) Number on domiciliary treatment 38
(4) Number receiving Clinic treatment 283
(5) Home nourishment 106
(6) Other items of importance—
Number of patients attending for A.P. refills 29
Number of refills 187
Number of sputum tests 905
Number of X-rays 1,224
The above figures call for no special comment.
close co-operation between the Clinic and the maternity centres
in the Borough, including municipal and voluntary. In this
year an unusual number of patients became pregnant.

It Seems worth while recording details and results of this event.

Total NoLungT.B.+State of Disease during pregnancyTherapeutic abortionFull Term.
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