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West Ham 1947

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for West Ham]

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ACTS. There were 250 certificates issued under this Act, and
it is clearly apparent that tenants are taking full measure of
advantages offered by the Rent Restriction Acts.
PROSECUTIONS. The number of summonses issued
during the year amounted to 463 in respect of non-compliance
with Statutory Notices. The majority of these, however, were
withdrawn on payment of costs, the necessary work being
completed before the hearing in Court. The remaining Orders
were made for the required work to be carried out in a specified
time, and fines were imposed.
Ninety-four Orders prohibiting the use of dwelling houses
for human habitation were granted by the magistrates, and
particulars of the families were sent to the Housing Officer
with a view to offering alternative accommodation.
The number of Notices served has increased month by
month, partly due to war-damage repairs coming to an end,
but to a large extent due to the war period itself, which caused
a delay in the execution of work, which now has to be made
up. It is interesting to note the number of summonses which
have been issued, giving an indication that everything possible
is done to ensure that Notices are complied with.

The following is a tabular statement of the work carried out by the Sanitary Inspectors' Section:—

Investigations of cases of Notifiable Infectious Disease716
Houses inspected following infectious disease
Visits to factories (mechanically operated)764
Visits to factories (without mechanical power)180
Visits to workshops9
Visits to workplaces46
Visits to bakehouses212
Visits to dairies132
Visits to offices (as workplaces), P.H.A., 10.36
Visits to outworkers72
Visits to common lodging houses
Visits to houses let in lodgings1
Visits to cellar dwellings, underground rooms, etc.13
Visits to slaughter-houses93
Visits to scheduled offensive trades203
Visits to fish fryers220
Visits to other noxious trades112
Visits to knackers' yards2
Visits to registered hairdressers and barbers, W.H.C.A., Section 4952
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