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West Ham 1947

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for West Ham]

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The number of persons enttiled to sell Part II poisons
entered in the Local Authority's list at the end of the year was
184. Eight samples were examined during the year, and proved

FERTILISERS AND FEEDING STUFFS ACT, 1926 Particulars are given below of 13 official and 20 unofficial samples which were taken during the year:—

Type of SampleNo. of Samples takenAnalysis agreedAnalysis disagreed
(a) Official642
(b) Unofficial13112
Feeding Stuffs
(a) Official734
(b) Unofficial716
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After allowances being made for the limit of variation in
the various constituents permitted by the Act, 3 samples of
fertilisers contained excesses and 1 sample showed a deficiency.
Six samples of feeding stuffs contained excesses, and 4
samples shewed a deficiency.
WATER. Water is supplied to the whole of the area by
the Metropolitan Water Board, who have their own highly
efficient arrangements for controlling the quality of the water
supply. No confirmatory analysis of the Metropolitan Water
Board supply was made during the year. The supply was
adequate in quantity, with the exception of a short period
during the flooding of the Lea Valley Water Works.
The water supply is not liable to have plumbo solvent
action, and therefore no precautions or analyses have been
necessary in this connection. No evidence of any other form
of contamination has been received.
Of a total of 43,000 dwelling houses, including 2,600 shops
and dwellings, housing a population of 174,740, only 30
approximately are supplied by means of a stand-pipe, chiefly
in the northern portion of the Borough. The remainder of the
premises are supplied from public water mains direct to the
The winter of 1947 was an exceptionally severe one, in
which snow and ice lay almost continuously on the ground from
early in January until nearly the middle of March. When at
last the weather broke, the thaw was rapid, and waters released
from the large accumulations of melting snow proved too much

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