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West Ham 1946

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for West Ham]

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(a) Prescribed863
(b) Obtained715
Group 3. Treatment of defects of Nose and Throat:
Received Operative Treatment356
Received Other Forms of Treatment88
Total Number Treated444
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Dental Inspection and Treatment

(1)Number of children inspected by the Dentists:
(a) Routine Age Group10,717
(b) Specials1,610
(c) Total (Routine and Specials)12,327
(2)Number found to require treatment8,259
(3)Number actually treated5,086
(4)Attendances made by children for treatment8,871
(5)Half-days devoted to:
*Total half-days1,637
Permanent teeth5,314
Temporary teeth3,807
Total fillings9,121
Permanent teeth752
Temporary teeth8,445
Total extractions9,197
(8)Administrations of general anaesthetics for extractions1,509
(9)Other operations:
Permanent teeth741
Temporary teeth273
Total of "other operations"1,014
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*In addition 513 sessions were devoted to Orthodontic treatment.

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