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West Ham 1946

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for West Ham]

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Disposal of these cases:
In residential special schools 2
In ordinary school (awaiting admission to
special school 1
general definition of such a child is one who, by reason of
disease or crippling defect cannot be satisfactorily educated in
an ordinary school or cannot be educated in such a school without
detriment to his health or educational development. According
to the nature and severity of the defect, such children may
require education either at day or boarding special schools.
Certain well-defined groups of handicapped children are recognised,
for which separate statistics are available. Thus, in the
year 1946 the number of crippled children under the supervision
of the Authority was 69. In 19 cases the crippling was of such
a nature and severity that residential special schooling was
necessary. Of the remaining 50 children, 48 were admitted to
the day special school, and 2 were out of school. Children with
severe heart disorders also come under the classification of
physically handicapped children. In the year under review,
13 of these children were in special residential schools, and 15 in
the day special schools. In addition to the above two groups
of handicapped children, 51 were treated in the Langdon Hills
Sanatorium because they were found or suspected to be suffering
from a tubercular condition. The following figures set
out the position with regard to physically handicapped children
in the Borough in the year 1946
Total number known to the Authority:
(Includes all children on register at any time during
the year.)
Heart cases 29
Cripples 58
Pulmonary Tuberculosis (various forms) 40
Non-pulmonary Tuberculosis 11
Miscellaneous 6
Total 144
Physically Handicapped Children in Residential Special
Heart cases 13
Cripples 8
Pulmonary Tuberculosis (various forms) 40
Non-pulmonary Tuberculosis 11
Total 72

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