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West Ham 1946

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for West Ham]

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Anxiety States—Acute9
Anxiety State—Chronic21
With Psychosomatic Dysfunction3
Obsessive Compulsive State8
Behaviour Disorder5
Psychopathic Personality2
Senile Dementia3
Presenile Psychosis2
Psychosis with Cerebral Ateriopathy1
Confusional Insanity1
Psychosis following Head Injury1
General Paralysis of Insane1
Psychosis with Epilepsy4
Congenital Mental Deficiency9
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TREATMENT AND DISPOSAL. Thirty-two cases sooner
or later and for varying periods required in-patient treatment
at Goodmayes. The majority of these were admitted as voluntary
patients. Electric convulsive therapy was given to four
cases and narcoanalysis to two cases as out-patients of Goodmayes.
One case was referred to Whipgs Cross Hospital for
further investigation, and subsequently returned to the Clinic,
where he eventually recovered. Another case was referred to
the Child Guidance Clinic. The bulk of the treatment, i.e., of
the remaining 86 cases, was carried out at the Clinic and took
the form of individual psychotherapy, planned from a careful
survey of each individual, of his environment and of his
problems. By this, and by such manipulation of the employment
and domestic environments as could be arranged through
the agency of the Psychiatric Social Worker, even the most
intractable chronic neurotics were helped towards mental ease
and healthy adjustment in life. The Somerville Social Club
provided a new and much-needed therapeutic adjunct to the.
resources of the Clinic The help it gave towards promoting
social growth in socially maladjusted individuals and the extent
to which it fostered group expressions of emotion in inhibited
cases during the later months of 1946 warrant its wider use in

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