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West Ham 1946

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for West Ham]

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Villa workers51
General Stores2
Nurses' Home1
Porters' help2
Boot and cutlery cleaning22
Lower grade12
Attending school14
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RECREATION. Hours of employment for those in the
workshops are from 9 to 12.15 in the morning and 2 to 4.30 in
the afternoons. On Tuesday afternoons the patients attend the
cinema—there are two "houses." On Saturday afternoons there
is, except in the hottest weather, a dance, but some of the
patients prefer to play football, cricket or go for a walk. Games
are also played in the evenings when weather and daylight
permit. Indoor games enjoyed are table-tennis, draughts, cards
and the usual simpler board games. A selection of the popular
daily papers is provided for each villa, and some weekly magazines
also, chiefly of the pictorial kind. One of the women's
workrooms during the evening has become a library, where a
fair selection of modern books is provided, including some of the
more simple classics. The number of patients who can take
advantage of this is of course limited, but those who do, make
good use of the facility.
SPORTS DAY. A Victory and Annual Sports Day was held
on 24th June, 1946. The weather fortunately kept fine, and the
day was considered a successful one. The side-shows were
crowded until the prizes had been won. A giant slide, built bv
the artisan staff, was in constant demand—as it is throughout
the year, both within and without the Colony. The function was
attended by the Mayors and Mayoresses of both West Ham and
East Ham, as well as by members of the Committee and by
many friends and well-wishers. The tug-of-war between the
staff and guests was won by the guests, who included certain
members of the West Ham and East Ham Councils.
The usual programme was arranged over the Christmas
season, including the annual concert given by the patients themselves.
The programmes for Sports Day and Christmas time are
set out below : —
SPORTS DAY, 24th JUNE, 1946.
1. 440 Yards Race (men).
2. 220 Yards Race (girls).
3. 100 Yards Race (men).
4. 50 Yards Race (senior children).

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