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West Ham 1946

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for West Ham]

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3. D.2 Ward to be set aside for the development of
consultative clinics.
4. B.6 Ward to be taken over for use by the Preliminary
Training School.
In drawing up plans for the utilisation of these wards,
care was taken that no structural alteration should be made
which would reduce the efficiency of the ward for the purpose
of in-patients, and all the changes proposed could be dismantled
in a brief time, should the need arise. At the same time, the
accommodation vacated by the transfer of departments to newpremises
would provide relief in other directions, e.g., offices,
rest rooms, etc. It was hoped that an early start might be
made on these developments in order that they might be in use
prior to April, 1948, the date anticipated for the beginning of
the new National Health Service.
IN CONCLUSION, it is a pleasure to refer to the cooperation
and help which has been willingly atforded by all members
of the Hospital staff. It is sometimes forgotten that, no matter
in what capacity a person serves, his or her work is essential
in some degree to the wellbeing of the Hospital.


1.Available accommodation787 beds
2.Average number of patients in Hospital daily throughout 1946737
3AdmissionsWest HamEast HamEssexTotal
Public Health2,2711,5284,1087,907
Average number of in-patient days (Public Health)35
Average number of in-patient days (E.M.S.)17
4.DischargesWest HamEast HamEssexTotal
Public Health1,9421,3253,4826,749
5.Number of Out-patients8,055
6.Patients seen by Consultants4,015
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