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West Ham 1946

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for West Ham]

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that in our present state of knowledge, pencillin is a valuable
aid to the treatment of gonorrhea and syphilis, but should not
be relied on to replace more standardized methods of treatment,
which have stood the test of time.
Time and space do not allow for formal instruction at the
centre. However, since the clinic was opened, Nurses from
Lyle Ward in this Hospital, and from Plaistow Maternity
Home, limited to 2 each time, attend female sessions. They
have an opportunity of seeing how patients are examined,
specimens collected for pathological examination and the carrying
out of treatment.
This clinic being a department of a General Hospital, it
is a great advantage being able to refer patients, on occasion,
for further investigation and opinion, with the minimum of
delay. In this connection I should like to take the opportunity
of recording my appreciation of the unfailing co-operation from
my colleagues in other departments, medical and lay.
Mention should also be made of my two Assistants, a Sister
and an Orderly who, between them, do all the clerical work of
this centre, in addition to their ordinary duties.


Contacts notified to the Medical Officer of Health during the period January 1st, 1946, to December 31st, 1946:—

(1)(a)Total number of contacts in respect of whom Form 1 was received_6
(b)Number in (a) transferred from other areas-1
(2)Number of cases in (1) in which attempts were made during the current period outside the scope of the Regulation to persuade the contact to be examined before the latter had been named on a second Form 1:
Contacts found5
Contacts examined or already under treatment4
(3)(a)Number of those in (1) in respect of whom two or more Forms 1 were received1
(b)Number included in (3) (a) in respect of whom the first Form 1 was previously reported under (1)--
(c)Number included in (3) (a) transferred from other areas-1
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