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West Ham 1946

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for West Ham]

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Causes of Death in Age Groups—1946 (as supplied by Registrar-General)

Cause of DeathAll AgesDeaths at different periods of life of residents (civilians), whether occurring within or without the district
Under 1 Year1-5 Years5-15 Years15-45 Years45-65 Years65 and Upwards
1. Typhoid & para-typhoid fevers---.----------
2. Cerebro-spinal fever2---2-----_----
3. Scarlet fever----_----------
4. Whooping Cough1212----------
5. Diphtheria1---_--1-------
6. Tuberculosis of respiratory system7646--1-122536396102
7. Other forms of tuberculosis55-11-1-241---
8. Syphilitic diseases1241-----115152
9. Influenza921-1--11-325611
10. Measles1-1-----------
11. Acute polio-myelitis and polio-encephalitis--------------
12. Acute infective encephalitis--------------
13. Cancer of buccal cavity & oesophagus (M) uterus (F)712-------12754
14. Cancer of stomach and duodenum3229------131471719
15. Cancer of breast123-------4-1415
16. Cancer of all other sites9971-_----13742255438
17. Diabetes411--------2229
18. Intracranial vascular lesions811041-----1316226379
19. Heart disease227217----1-9105946158161
20. Other diseases of circulatory system3732------319122519
21. Bronchitis1165561-1--2246126239
22. Pneumonia4633166----421251420
23. Other respiratory diseases117--------6354
24. Ulcer of stomach and duodenum153--------12132
25. Diarrhoea under two years159159----------
26. Appendicitis23-----1---121
27. Other digestive diseases151512----432288
28. Nephritis919------2444311
29. Puerperal and post abortive sepsis-4----_--4----
30. Other maternal causes-3-------3----
31. Premature birth19171917----------
32. Congenital malformations, birth injury, infant diseases1418131711--------
33. Suicide112------5-422-
34. Road Traffic accidents152--1-2-5-4-32
35. Other violent causes331625--1-12-621211
36. All other causes10910624123-12715127681
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