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West Ham 1945

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for West Ham]

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Causes of Death in Age Groups—1945 (as supplied by Registrar-General)

Cause of DeathAll AgesDeaths at differentperiods of life of residents (civilians), whether occurring within or without the district
Under 1 Year1-5 Years5-15 Years15-45 Years45-65 Years65 and Upwards
1. Typhoid & para-typhoid fevers
2. Cerebro-spinal fever21111
3. Scarlet fever11
4. Whooping Cough11
5. Diphtheria1111
6. Tuberculosis of respiratory system604722253230853
7. Other forms of tuberculosis11415122112
8. Syphilitic diseases7416112
9. Influenza66•—12135
10. Measles221111
11. Acute polio-myelitis and polio-encephalitis
12. Acute infective encephalitis3232
13. Cancer of buccal cavity & oesophagus (M) uterus (F)121535775
14. Cancer of stomach and duodenum36271212132312
15. Cancer of breast244119
16. Cancer of all other sites99714345295039
17. Diabetes412—-112426
18. Intracranial vascular lesions73841—-119225361
19. Heart disease2222189145747156157
20. Other diseases of circulatory system3027210101817
21. Bronchitis1026523122134146345
22. Pneumonia42381111421112741818
23. Other respiratory diseases1351— .15173
24. Ulcer of stomach and duodenum234719271
25. Diarrhoea under two years129129
26. Appendicitis42111111
27. Other digestive diseases14201—-1263615
28. Nephritis161111148462
29. Puerperal and post abortive sepsis11
30. Other maternal causes55— .
31. Premature birth147147
32. Congenital malformations, birth injury, infant dis.161513141111
33. Suicide9241411
34. Road Traffic accidents115112114231
35. Other violent causes118137131361818425531321323
36. All other causes1111062331277138783
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