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West Ham 1945

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for West Ham]

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Number in institutions under Order168149317
Number on licence from institutions181634
Number under Guardianship Orders448
Number in " places of safety "1246*58
Number under Statutory Supervision119121240
Number in which action not yet taken under any one of the above headings16925
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* The large number of "places of safety" cases is due chiefly to evacuation
from Forest Gate Hospital owing to war-time emergencies.
NEW CASES. During the year, 27 defectives were added
to the register. Of these, 14 were notified by the local education
authority, 11 reported from various sources, and 2 former
West Ham cases who had returned to the area.
DEATHS. Eight defectives died during the year—5 in
institutions, 1 on licence to a sanatorium, 1 at home, and .
1 in a poor law institution.
ASCERTAINMENT. The number of mental defectives
dealt with for the first time during the year was 25 (.14 males
and 11 females). Included in this number are 14 cases (8 males
and 6 females) notified by the local education authority. Of
these new cases 7 (2 males and 5 females) were admitted to
institutions. The remainder were placed under statutory supervision.
In addition 5 cases (2 males and 3 females) were investigated,
but proved not to be certifiable.
"West Ham mental defectives detained under Order is 351 (186
males and 165 females), of whom, 34 (18 males and 16 females)
are absent from the institutions on licence. In addition, 58
cases, the majority of whom are considered to be mental defectives,
are in South Ockendon Colony as in a " place of safety."
Of these, 47 are patients evacuated from Forest Gate Hospital,
and 10 evacuated from their homes owing to war-time emergencies.
These patients will be dealt with under the Mental
Deficiency Acts when circumstances permit.
During the year 14 defectives (5 males and 9 females) were
admitted to institutions, 13 under Order and 1 as in a "place
of safety." Two of these cases (males) were dealt with under
Section 8 of the Mental Deficiency Act, and 2 (1 male and
1 female) were dealt with under Section 9 of the Act. In

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