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West Ham 1945

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for West Ham]

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The grads of cases discharged and the result of treatment were as follow:-

T.B.T.B. plusT.B. plusT.B. plus
MinusGrade I.Grade II.Grade III.
No material improve
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Six cases remained in for less than one month.
The cases admitted during the year were mostly of the
chronic and advanced type. This was only to be expected after
so many years of war.
The absence of accommodation for carrying out minor
surgery in connection with the expansion of modern treatment
was a continued handicap. The difficulty was increased by the
admission of a number of ex-Servicemen where collapse therapy
had already been started but not completed in other institutions.
I trust that it will be possible to provide this accommodation so
urgently necessary to carry out modern treatment in a satisfactory
manner, at an early date. A number of cases were
admitted to the London Chest Hospital during the year for both
major and minor chest surgery, but the beds available there
are far too few to meet the many calls on them.
Great difficulty was experienced throughout the year in
obtaining a satisfactory number of nursing and domestic staff
to carry on the work of the institution although the number of
beds occupied were less than normal owing to damage to
buildings by enemy action
Dr. Nelson took up duties as Assistant Medical Officer on
January 1st and resigned at the end of March to take up an
appointment abroad. Dr. R. Posner was appointed to fill the
position, and took up duties in April.
Occupational Therapy was started and carried out to a
limited extent.
Concert parties were arranged during the winter months
and were highly appreciated by patients and staff.

Five cases remained in for less than one month-two had no active disease

Quiescent 14641
Improved 32204
No material improvement-38
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