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West Ham 1935

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for West Ham]

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Milk and Dairies (Consolidation) Act, 1915.
Milk and Dairies Order, 1926.
Milk (Special Designations) Order, 1923.
The dairy cattle and cowsheds, within the Borough boundaries,
are inspected every month, and as other occasion may
demand, under the Acts and Orders relating to the milk supply;
and at the same time the hygienic conditions governing the
production of milk are supervised. Also, when a sample of milk
offered for sale within the Borough, but produced at premises
outside the Borough is found, upon examination, to be infected
with the germs of Tuberculosis, a visit is usually made to the
producer's premises in consultation with the veterinary staff of
the appropriate Local Authority, with the object of tracing the
source of infection.
The Milk and Dairies Order contains a schedule of diseases
and conditions of milch cows, in addition to Tuberculosis, which
are liable to contaminate the milk supply, and power is given to
prohibit, by means of a notice, the sale of milk from any cow
which may be found to be affected by any of these diseases.
Action is frequently taken under this provision.
In addition, visits are made and examinations carried out
by the veterinary staff, acting under the provisions of the Diseases
of Animals Acts and Orders, and where it is considered necessary,
samples of milk are taken and examined microscopically for
Mycobacterium tuberculosis. These measures resulted in the
detection of two cows affected with Tuberculosis of the udder,
and as a result these animals were slaughtered under the provisions
of the Tuberculosis Order made under the Diseases of
Animals Acts.
The Slaughter of Animals Act, 1933.
The Slaughter-House Bye-Laws.
The Knackers'-Yard Bye-Laws.
This work is carried out by the Meat Inspector, Mr. T. R.
Harris, who reports as follows :—
Slaughter of Animals Act.
Sections 1 and 2, as they apply to West Ham, require that
no animal killed in a slaughter-house or knackers'-yard in the

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